More than twenty years of experience in business of resin drying and material handling and our ambition to continually improve made us to establish a joint venture between qip GmbH and Wenz Kunststoff GmbH

which immensely pushed us forward to products with better energy efficiency.


Centralized or decentralized drying system solutions without or with centralized or decentralized material handling systems as well as customized special-purpose solutions are supplied on the highest level of energy efficiency and with plenty possibilities for data communication which currently can be found in the market.


All gathered experience over the last decades allows us to supply our systems on the highest standard in plastic resin drying. Benefit from our know-how to reduce your CO2-emmissions, to assure the process reliability in your plant and to provide highest transparency of your material handling. 


We are looking forward to a future with optimized quality and our contribution to a better and clean environment.


qip GmbH

Gewerbestraße 1

6973 Höchst