The QC900-controller is the core of all drying units. It represents the best 

available technology and offers plenty ways to communicate with 

all kind of machines and systems. Modbus TCP/RTU, OPC UA, TTY/RS485

to link with different production machines, data exchange with SQL-server

 or PDA-systems (production data aquistion) as well as the potential to get 

access with a web-client through HTML 5 from any web browser in 

the world are only a few exampels of its impressing possibilities.

A touch-screen with colored display allows a plain and intuitive operation.

 Special control-algorithms automatically optimize the energy requirement

according to the actual material throughput.


Data bases for drying programs, the control of all kind of

hopper loaders and data recording of process data 

through USB are also included as well as a lot of other features.


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