Plastic resin dryers of the FD-series provide unique possibilities in

energy savings due to the two-circuits-technology.   

Ambient air represent the main part in that process. Only a small

amount of compressed air is required for the real drying which

allows a reduction of 85% in compressed air consumption. 

FD-dryers achieve an unmatched stability of the drying process

and guarantee careless operation for life time.  


The circular dryers operate without any typical air inlet pipe,

thereby immensely facilitating the cleaning effort in case of 

material changes. They are used for medium material throughputs 

and delivered with hopper volumes from 44 to 220 liters.


 They are delivered with all the beneficial features of the FD-series.

They can be mounted on the production machine and aside on a mobile frame.


Generous sized doors for easy cleaning are standard on units 

with hopper volumes of 77 liters and higher. An optional door 

can be supplied on dryers with 44 liters of hopper volume.


The units are maintenance free and supplied with 3 years warranty. 


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